About MIDC

About MIDC
    • Decarbonisation is an issue that calls for urgent action: increased efficiency, technological innovation, access to finance and a clear regulatory framework are topics that can only be tackled through a dedicated platform. In 2016 the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association (RBSA) took the initiative to set up a think tank where all stakeholders involved can orient around steps in the decarbonisation pathway. We called it the Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council (MIDC).

    • The vision of MIDC is to assist in accelerating the uptake of emission-saving innovative technologies through the sharing of (technical) knowledge of ongoing maritime projects.

      Four times a year, the think tank brings together stakeholders representing the entire maritime value chain to discuss multiple ongoing projects. The versatility of the team gives the opportunity to approach a topic/project from a 360° perspective.

    • “The think-tank is a-political, commercially independent and most importantly evidence-led”

      There are three types of sessions:

      1. Technical sessions: projects are being presented and discussed

      2. Strategic sessions: exchange perspectives on new policies

      3. General sessions: decarbonisation pathways and other industry research is being presented

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