• METHANOL is considered one of the most promising sustainable alternative fuels on short term (< 2030). The technology readiness level of onboard storage (8) and propulsion (7)* is maturing and there is an increasing trend of a wide range of vessel types in service and on order with methanol as a main engine fuel type. There is no need for further RD&I, but an urgent need for international safety standards.

      While new 4-stroke methanol engines allow to use up to 97% of methanol, the retrofit-kits developed in the FASTWATER project enable existing vessels to convert their diesel engine to use up to 70% of methanol.  A retrofit would involve the installation of a second barrier for the fuel tanks as well as double pipelines. 4-stroke methanol engines and retrofit kits for small and mid-sized engines with a wide range from 200kW – 4MW are in development and will be available by the end of 2022.

      *Lloyd's Register Decarbonisation Hub - Zero Carbon Fuel Monitor

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