Von Karman Institute - Fluid Dynamics in Maritime Applications

Von Karman Institute - Fluid Dynamics in Maritime Applications
  • Fluid Dynamics in Zero-emission Shipping

    Clean Hydrogen Propulsion for Ships (CHyPS): To support users in the trade-offs they have to make when investing in zeroemission propulsion systems

    Expertise at VKI in LH2 propellant:

    • Provide a fast & reliable prediction of the liquid hydrogen tank storage status
    • Development of a simple predictive model to simulate the thermal response of H2 for different scenarios
    • Experimental Validation & Calibration of the Model
      • Calibration of the predictive model requires high-fidelity data issued from experiments and simulations
      • Develop high-fidelity simulations to be as close as possible to the reality
    Wind propulsion

    WindMaster Cooperation

    • New ship design, with combination of kite and wingsail to maximise wind power
    • Including aerodynamic studies, 1/10 scale and full scale tests
    • In cooperation with Beyond the Sea, Propelwind, ADV Propulse, …
    Weather based Route Optimization

    New Project under development: Weather and Satellite Remote Sensing based route optimization for wind assisted ships

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  • Knipsel
        • Presentation date
        • 21/11/2022
        • Speaker
        • Peter Simkens (Business Development Manager)
        • Company
        • Von Karman Institute (VKI)
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