Ricardo - LCA of Alternative Maritime Fuels

Ricardo - LCA of Alternative Maritime Fuels
  • Many ‘zero’ and low carbon fuels developed and being considered for the maritime sector may have zero or low emissions at the exhaust, but may also have emissions from production and distribution of these fuels (as with conventional fuels)

    • E.g. from LNG to hydrogen, ammonia or biofuels, important emissions may occur elsewhere in the supply chain, and may not even be in the form of CO2
    • Fossil fuels also have important life cycle emissions components

    The objectives of this study were to:

    • Increase understanding of the sustainability criteria and life cycle GHG emission assessment calculation methods relevant to maritime fuels
    • Identify where further work is required
    • Promote the production and uptake of alternate low carbon fuel options for the maritime sector
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  • Knipsel
        • Presentation date
        • 23/05/2022
        • Speaker
        • Michael Campbell, Tim Scarbrough, Graeme MacLean
        • Company
        • Ricardo Energy & Environment
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