ShipFC - Multi MW SOFC

ShipFC - Multi MW SOFC
    • Short description: The project will see an offshore vessel, Viking Energy, have a large 2MW ammonia fuel cell retrofitted, allowing it to sail solely on the clean fuel for up to 3,000 hours annually.

      The goal of the project is also to ensure that a large fuel cell can deliver total electric power to shipboards systems safely and effectively. A significant part of the project will be the scale up of a 100-kilowatt fuel cell to 2 megawatts.

      The ammonia fuel cell system will be installed in Viking Energy in late 2023 and this is the first time an ammonia-powered fuel-cell will be installed on a vessel.

      Another part of the ShipFC project will perform studies on three other vessel types, namely offshore construction vessels and two cargo vessel types, to illustrate the ability to transfer this technology to other segments of the shipping industry.

      Results: to be followed-up

    • Viking energy
          • Ship type/size
          • Offshore vessel
          • Status
          • Ongoing
          • Expected delivery date/year
          • 2024
          • Retrofit/Newbuild
          • Retrofit
          • Project Partners
          • Eidesvik, Equinor, Wärtsilä, YARA, CMR Prototech, Fraunhofer, NCE Maritime CleanTech, Persee, Nort Sea Shipping, Capital Executive
          • Funded by
          • Horizon Europe ($10M)
          • Presented in MIDC
          • Yes
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