Stolt case study

Stolt case study
  • Short description: Herbert Engineering was awarded the project to help Stolt Tankers build a comparison between two different equipment suppliers. The analysis included a comparison between installing 2 sails vs 4 sails and took into account the payback time when taking into account a subsidy of $200k or 50/50 revenue sharing

    Results: The payback time exceeded 20 years in all scenarios except with the 50/50 revenue sharing option. Here the payback period was 12 years for 2 sails and 17 years for 4 sails. While these results were not extremely attractive for a retrofit, a newbuilding project could give a different result, should these devices be in the design from the very beginning.

  • Knipsel
        • Ship type/size
        • Chemical tanker (Coaster)
        • Status
        • Finalised – Not operational
        • Expected delivery date/year
        • June 2021
        • Retrofit/Newbuild
        • Retrofit
        • Project partners
        • Stolt-Nielsen, Herbert Engineering, LloydsRegister
        • Funded by
        • N/A
        • Presented in MIDC
        • Yes
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