Norled - MF Hydra & Autonomous battery swap

Norled - MF Hydra & Autonomous battery swap
  • Key takeaways MF Hydra

    • The MF Hydra is the world’s first LH2 driven ship (50%)
    • For some ferries, batteries are not ideal because of the distance between 2 destinations or when the grid is not strong enough to fast charge the batteries (Rare in Norway, common in the US)
    • The LH2 is supplied by Linde Gas, Germany
    • Bunkering every 3 weeks, takes 5 hours for 3 tons of H2 at a cost of €50/kg (compared to €8/kg for green electricity)

    Identified barriers to adoption

    1. Missing the maritime hydrogen supply chain and bunkering hubs
    2. High initial cost for hydrogen as fuel
    3. Ship technology becoming available
    4. Bridging regulatory gaps

    Key takeaways Autonomous Battery Swap

    • Batteries can be switch within 3 mins
    • No more need for fast charging: smaller/less batteries (a battery +/- weighs 7,5 tons)

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